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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Q: ​Do you do showings for properties?

      A: Yes. We have dedicated showing experts

2.) Q: What marketing will you do for my property?

      A: We offer -  Professional Photography, Video, Drone Footage, Free Evaluations, Websites, Social Media,                           Call Campaigns, Dedicated Showing Experts, and Free Contracts.

3.) Q: Do you charge for renewals? 

      A: No, we do not.

4.) Q: Will you run credit and back ground checks?

      A: Yes, at no cost to you.

5.) Q: Will I have the chance to review everything before deciding?

      A: Yes. We will provide a tenant application form (download at the bottom of this FAQ page) and once                                 you approve of the application, then we will run the tenants background and credit.

6.) Q: How do we get our rent check?

      A: We will collect the funds from the tenant prior to move in and then either hand deliver or securely                                mail the check to you.

7.) Q: What is your fee structure?

      A: Our standard fee is 6% of the first years gross rent with no other fee's at all. You only pay us when the tenant               moves in.

8.) Q: Do you offer management services?

      A: We do not. But we have great relationships with managers and so if you'd like a referral, just give us a call.

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