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5 Marketing Trends to Boost your Visibility

1. Create influencer network:

An influencer doesn’t have to be a celebrity, athlete or actor. ‘Mirco influencers’ are popping up throughout difference niche markets and proving as a successful strategy to get in front of our target audience and win their trust to convert them to your product or service.

Micro influencers can be anyone with a relevant online following in your market – bloggers, local Facebook group, or individual with significant Instagram followings.

2. On the ground, community ambassadors

In addition to online influencers, it’s important to have an ‘on the ground’ presence as well. For real estate specifically, in addition to leasing a unit, you’re also selling a prospect on the local area, community, or schools. Having solid ambassadors in their respective fields that you can direct clients to talk to is essential. Think – school officers, local business owners, and elected officials.

3. Deeply know your audience – build out ideal customer avatars

Ideal Customer Avatar Profiles go deeper than you’ve ever gone before in your customer research. Defining customers’ irrational fears and deepest desires is vital for a compassionate, connected and profitable business and high conversion rates.

4. Content Marketing: Quality, Quality, Quality!

Every piece of material you put out into the world wide web can either boost your business or damage it. Are you investing in professional photography? Do you provide real value through your blogs?

Especially now with both Instagram and Facebook algorithms that detect the quality of every post (both written captions and image) – you need to have professional level quality to get noticed.

5. Authentically Connect: Try Livestreaming

Livestreaming on Instagram and Facebook can create a ‘doorway into your life’ and therefor can build trust. In real estate specifically – your followers are more likely to select you as their agent or advisor if they feel they already know and trust you.

Check out this article for more information!

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