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Luxe-Landlord: Upgrading your home to appeal to luxury renters

This article discusses the “extras” you can do to update your investment property to appeal to luxury renters. From inside to outside, this list of upgrades will heighten you to the status of a Luxe-Landlord. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor kitchens, lush gardens and sitting areas, waterfalls and rock formations, patios with gorgeous flickering fireplaces - these are the extras for creating an outdoor oasis for your renters.

Standalone Tub

Upgrade that bathroom with a standalone tub to make a statement piece. If you have the room, upgrade the shower with multiple waterfall showerheads and design the space to reflect the oasis you’ve created outside. I only have one more word for you to complete your luxury bathroom upgrade: sauna

Smart Appliances

Upgrade the kitchen with smart appliances: refrigerator that alerts you when you’re out of champagne, self-warming tiles, a coffee pot that can turn itself on and grind the beans fresh, and a smart thermostat to keep it all environmentally comfortable. Additional smart devices to upgrade your home include garage door openers, security systems, and doorbells. 

Wine Room

Create a show-stopping space for a wine cellar, wine enclave, wine nook, or wine corner. Make it visible as a conversation starter when your luxury renters have their wine connoisseur friends over for deep discussions on the economy. This should be a show-off space. 

The “Extra” Room

Whether it is an in-law suite, theater, exercise room, large dressing space, sports bar, or game room; give your home that big upsell room that luxury renters are looking for. The more uniquely the space is created, the better it will be to WOW luxury renters. 



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