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Inglewood Under House Arrest

While rent control is being raised throughout Los Angeles, Inglewood landlords have been barred from raising rent more than 5 percent on rental units built prior to 1995. Landlords are also unable to evict tenants (unless criminal cause or drug use) as part of an emergency rent control measure enacted for March and April. Note: single-family homes and condos are not included in this act. The measure is attempting to put a stop to a rise in the displacement of tenants as Inglewood looks more and more attractive to developers and home buyers. The emergency act isn’t exactly without cause. In the past three years, rent has spiked 10.8 percent in Inglewood. However others argue that the rent was rising anyway in correlation to the cost of living. And the rent is still cheaper than what you’d find in Los Angeles. So how can you as a landlord counteract the mistrust tenants might be feeling for their Inglewood landlords since this media attention? First, put it on paper! We have all the templates for forms and agreements available for download on our website. Second, get out there! Portray your reputation in a trustworthy and professional manner through our free marketing outlets powered by the MLS. You’ll be able to spread the message to potential tenants through hundreds of websites and media outlets. Finally, take a breath. With as many renters who are enamored with Inglewood and with the help of Home Rentals LA, you’ll be able to find the perfect tenant for your home. Rent cap or no.

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