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Los Angeles Rent Control Update

Los Angeles County Board Supervisors voted to continue the temporary cap on rent increase at 3% until the end of the year. Additionally, they voted to expand protections that require landlords to show “just cause” before evictions.

Los Angeles joins other area cities, including Glendale, Long Beach and Inglewood who have recently updated their own renter protection measures, including rent control and measures that allow tenants to withhold rent if important maintenance is needed.

Opponents of the bill argue the area’s rising housing costs can be explained by scarcity and cost of living, not predatory landlords or owners.

In addition to voiding rent increases over 3%, the ordinance mandates that if a renter already paid a rent increase over 3%, any overpayment must be returned. Property owners may either pay this back in one lump sum or issue a credit against future rent due over a six-month period.


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