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What are the Rules in West Hollywood?

In West Hollywood, a landlord cannot evict or relocate a tenant without "just cause." This applies to all rental properties: new and old; condos; single-family; and government subsidized.

Some "just cause" reasons include:

  1. Non-payment of rent

  2. Violation of terms and conditions

  3. Causing a nuisance

  4. Illegal use of the rental unit

  5. Refusal to renew a lease

  6. Refusal to provide access to landlord

  7. Temporary Absence

Certain terms that are NOT "just cause" reasons include:

  1. A tenant does not move out at end of lease term (lease goes month-to-month unless adequate notice of lease termination is given)

  2. Tenant refused to pay rent in excess of maximum allowable rent

  3. One person in addition to tenant may live in unit

  4. Persons with disabilities may possess two or fewer pets in certain conditions

Additionally, in the event of a no-fault termination, landlords may be required to pay relocation fees to the tenant.

No-fault terminations include:

  1. Foreclosure

  2. Landlord or relative wishes to live in the unit

Notices to evict tenants must include two things:

  1. Specific grounds for eviction

  2. Citation of the municipal code stating the grounds for eviction

The city's relocation fees are based on the number of bedrooms in the unit. One bedroom can cost over $10,000 in relocation fees. 3 bedrooms could be over $17,000. Fees can increase for elderly tenants and lower-income tenants.

If you need assistance with forms or would like more information on renting your unit in West Hollywood, email

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