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Labor Day Roundup: Headlines for Tenants

Here are updates on all tenant protection proposals and ordinances in Southern California:

TIC - ownership model known as "tenancy in common" - is heralded as a way for first-time homebuyers to break into one of the nation’s most unaffordable cities.

Lawmakers tackle a severe housing shortage for those who have federal vouchers.

$325K signatures have been collected for the Rental Affordability Act, a statewide ballot measure that will expand rent control in California. It’s half the number needed to put it on the 2020 November election.

How to Win an Apartment in a Competitive Market - The trick is to understand what landlords want, and offer it to them: on-time payments, respectful care of property, highest possible returns with lowest number of headaches.

Culver City caps rent at 4%: Glendale, Pasadena, and Long Beach mandates relocation payments for tenants

Inglewood continues to pursue a permanent rent cap solution; SB50 tabled until 2020

As of May 2019, landlords in West Hollywood cannot evict tenants without “just cause”

Los Angeles, Glendale, Long Beach, and Inglewood allow for tenants to withhold rent if important maintenance is needed

Inglewood landlords have been barred from raising rent more than 5%

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