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California Passes AB 1482; Waiting on Governor's Signature

UPDATE: Gov. Newsom Expected to Sign Rent Control Bill As Early As Today - What It Means for You


Understanding AB 1482 - Statewide Rent Control Bill


UNDERSTAND AB 1482 and what it means for you as an owner and operator of residential income property here in Los Angeles.

DON'T BE SCARED! Change Happens. What's important is that you are prepared, you take action and that you have all the facts.

Below are some links to various articles offering solid facts and varied opinions on this important development for those involved with Real Estate in Los Angeles and California.

We passionately believe in being informed, educated and ahead of the curve so that when change happens - which it will - you're ready!

Any questions, reach out - we're here for you both as a Landlord with a vacancy through Home Rentals LA and as your trusted investment advisory through Luke Jones - Real Estate Experts.

Rent increases could be capped at 5 percent plus inflation under a new agreement struck by Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislative leaders. California's governor and legislative leaders have come to an agreement on changes to a rent control bill that will likely see the Golden State become the second state in the union to adopt statewide regulation of rental prices.

A stronger version of California’s rent control bill is primed to head to the Senate floor. But its passage is not guaranteed, even with the governor’s support. When AB 1482 was approved in the Assembly in May, the renter protections were not as strong. Not only was the rent cap higher, but the bill was set to expire in three years. Under the deal announced Friday, it would expire in 10 years.

A bill to limit how much landlords can raise rents each year in California got dramatically stronger Friday after Gov. Gavin Newsom and lawmakers announced plans to beef up Assembly Bill 1482 by extending its lifespan and lowering the rent cap.

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