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What Does the Green New Deal Mean for Your Real Estate Investment?

Although the Green New Deal is not expected to pass Congress, it has raised a lot of questions about what the future of real estate investing will look like in the all-to-near future. Here’s a summary of what’s happening:

The Green New Deal is a bill that is designed to push owners of residential and commercial properties to cut down on carbon emissions or face severe fines.

Currently, commercial and residential buildings account for 40% of the United States’ carbon monoxide emissions. The bill outlines expectations for real estate owners to upgrade their buildings to maximize energy and water efficiency.

So, how can you start getting ready to make the necessary improvements that may soon be required?

1. Upgrade lightbulbs

2. Upgrade HVAC systems

3. Install Window Shades

4. Paint Roofs with Light-Reflecting Paint

5. Plant Trees

6. Install Photovoltaics

7. Weatherize Windows, Doors, Insulation

8. Upgrade Electricity and Plumbing

9. Add Solar Panels

10. Replace Traditional Heating Systems with Geothermal Heat Pumps

If you would like to continue the conversation on how to prepare your real estate investments for the future, contact me.

Or if you would like a FREE consultation on installing solar panels, email me at

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