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Landlords: Three Tips to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Market Update - Courtesy of Our Friends At Mortgage Capital Partners

Whether a single home or multiple residential buildings, property management doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, I believe real estate investment is the key to financial freedom. This means learning to work smarter, not harder and making even more money!

  1. Practice Good Marketing: Make sure you’re working to fill your vacancies starting 90 days ahead of time. Click here to read our 90 day plan.

  2. Get Better Tenants: Vet your tenant applicants! This will better ensure rent paid on time and care taken of your property.

  3. Set up tenant communications: Whether it’s open email communication or quarterly checking, make sure you stay on top your property and give your tenants an easy way to report problems.

By setting yourself up to succeed from the beginning, you will soon reap the rewards and become more profitable than ever! Check out our 90 day plan and give me a call today.

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